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an end has a start

Being impatient I had to start this challenge one day early.

On New Year’s Eve, the Finnish tradition is to melt tin horseshoes on a ladle, then dip the hot liquid into a bucket of cold water, where it forms into ‘blobs’ of different shapes. We then look at the shadows of these formations against a wall in candlelight to predict what the new year has in store for us.

Good song for the occasion by the Editors:

Some things should be simple
Even an end has a start


it’s the last day of the year

I always see the beginning of a new year as a full turn into an unknown road. This time I am starting the challenge of recording the mileposts on that road as daily photos on Flickr, and with short captions in this blog.

I love social media for allowing me to find advice, tips and inspiration for this project. I wouldn’t even have known about these projects if it wasn’t for Tania Sheko, who I have met through her blog and on Twitter! At the moment, I am toying with questions such as which titles I should choose for each photo – only a number in the style of 001/365 or a number and a descriptive name. Should I just have one set on Flickr, or create a different set for each month and then put them in a collection? I rather like colemama’s neat organisation of her two years of 365 photos. Her collections include not only all the pictures of that year in a set, but a separate set for each month, too. What’s more, she has created really nice mosaics of all the photos in a month – an idea that I might borrow from her.

I expect I will not only be learning a lot about photography myself, but also seeing a myriad of wonderful photos from around the world! I can’t possibly imagine the discipline and effort required by this endeavour. For now, though, I only feel enthusiastic and impatient! Better charge all camera batteries overnight.


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