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#3 winter camouflage

003/365 winter camouflage, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Walking around with your camera, you sometimes see pieces of ‘natural art’, created accidentally by the elements. Today I came across this abandoned bike, well hidden by snow and blended in the landscape. In fact, even I almost missed spotting it.

It’s a pity that we are often totally oblivious of these ephemeral artistic scenes in our living environment. We are just busy rushing around, preoccupied with everyday chores. I am so happy that I took up this photo challenge that made me take a walk today and focus on my surroundings. In the words of William Henry Davies:

What is this world if, full of care,
We have no time to stop and stare.

The funny thing about me taking this photo today was that the bike had been left in front of somebody’s house. While I was taking my shots, the window suddenly opened and a guy, apologetically, said that they had already called the police to come and take the bike away. It’s quite rare that Finns would ever say anything to a stranger, so obviously he had got worried that I was from the local press, or otherwise taking incriminating pictures to make an official complaint of obstructing the pavement. He was very relieved to hear that I was only an amateur photographer on my Sunday treasure hunt.

But whose bike is it then? My guess is that it’s a story of best-laid plans of socially responsible New Year drinking celebrations thwarted by the snow disguising your bike in the night.


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