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#7 back to my global classroom

007/365 back to my global classroom, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

In addition to teaching English and French, I have taken up a lifelong passionate mission of opening doors for my students to explore the world, both online and in face-to-face student exchanges. Over the years, I have managed to establish a good working network with colleagues in many countries.

Today, on the first day of school in 2010, not only did I meet the two guest students from Spain, go through a lot of emails to do with various intercultural projects, but also get a lovely old-fashioned snail mail letter handed to me by our principal. It was from our partner school in New Delhi, India, informing us that a group of students and teachers would be interested in visiting our school in May this year. Seems like another busy intercultural year for me, as there will also be a student exchange trip to Singapore in February!

As much as I like the convenience and speed of online communications, there is something irresistibly appealing in PROPER letters from abroad. It’s fascinating to see the different handwriting and stamps, and imagine how the letter has travelled across the continents. I once thought and wrote about this in my education-based blog, connecting this feeling with the Japanese concept of ‘nukumori’.


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