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#8 showing my age

008/2010 showing my age, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I used the Daily Shoot theme for today’s photo:

Glasses help many folks bring the world into focus each day. Make a photo of a pair of any kind of glasses today.

I wanted to take a picture of my reading glasses, which are a constant source of mixed feelings for me. I hate wearing them, because they make me look old, but without them, anything at close range would be blurry and out of focus, just as most of this photo.

Having got used to very good eyesight all through my life, suddenly not being able to see small print any more came as a very unpleasant surprise to me. At first I only needed the specs to read the newspaper in the morning. I didn’t even reveal to my closest friends that I had them! Very soon, though, my near-sight got so weak that I couldn’t manage without them, and had to take them to school, too. Another annoying thing about them is that I keep misplacing them all the time!

Unfortunately, when the daily shoot theme is sent on Twitter each day, it is already getting dark over here. That’s why, the photo didn’t come out the way I wanted. You can’t even see that the frame is red! I will have to try this shot another day with better light.


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