#11 cottage evening

011/365 cottage evening, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Tonight we took our international course students, with our special guests from Spain plus our Itaian exchange student, to this lovely cottage in the middle of a forest, for an evening of games, a flaming fireplace, sausages and pancakes (typical Finnish cottage food). It is really nice that our town has these recreational facilities that schools can use at an inexpensive price. Whenever we have foreign visitors at school, we always take them to this cottage for an evening. Unfortunately, tonight the traditional wood-burning sauna right by the seashore was out of bounds, because it’s been so cold for so long, which freezes the water pipes. What a pity that we couldn’t introduce these foreign youngsters to rolling in the snow in your swimwear in between sauna sessions! But it was a fun evening anyway!

The picture features the orange light flooding out of the windows into the dark night – my favourite colour that I suddenly remembered, thanks to the Daily Shoot assignment.

The inviting and warm orange here is a good symbol for the beautiful, intercultural atmosphere we shared.

1 Response to “#11 cottage evening”

  1. January 12, 2010 at 04:34

    Looks quaint. Like Hansel & Gretel’s place in the woods!

    Please add your Project 365 blog to our growing list: http://project365list.blogspot.com/

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