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#12 the new ice age is here

012/365 the new ice age is here, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We are swamped by a thick cloud that makes every day dull and grey. Everybody seems to be a little low and tired. I didn’t have any energy tonight and was lazily snuggling under a blanket on the settee, ready to waste the evening channel hopping to watch anything on TV. That’s when my daughter dragged me up and out for a walk to our local supermarket. I’m so glad she did, since it gave me my photo for today.

These days any major shift in weather conditions starts speculations about the effects of global warming. This winter has been colder and the snow cover thicker than for ages here in southern Finland. Although this is nothing unusual – I have experienced many similar winters during my life – the speculations run wild.

Walking home in the dark tonight, this movie poster, aptly decorated with snow and icicles, made think about all this. I shouldn’t joke about the serious global threat, but I couldn’t help seeing the funny connection here. Have we entered the new Ice Age already?

Not only did I get this picture, but I felt much better and more alive after our walk, too.


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