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#16 busy day at the flea market

It’s so nice doing this photo challenge with my daughter, because it makes us do things together that we wouldn’t normally do, like going to a nearby flea market today. The reason we decided to go there today, was the Daily Shoot assignment:

“One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Make a photo of something discarded or abandoned today.”

I’m really happy that my daughter is an ethically and environmentally aware young lady, who frequently visits the local flea markets to find bargain clothes. I don’t normally go to these places, because the jumbled heaps of junk make it impossible for me to focus and so I never find anything worthwhile there.

I was surprised to see how crowded the place was today. Observing the clientele revealed something about our society. Young people, like my daughter, typically looked for fashionable clothes or retro. Many older Finns seemed to be after rare collector’s treasures at bargain prices, while immigrants, who seemed to be the majority of the custormers, got essential everyday items.

I must say the amount of trash really overwhelmed me, though. Even though a lot of things were finding new homes and owners, it didn’t seem to reduce the piles and stacks at all. There is so much unnecessary stuff in this world that I don’t know where it is all going to go! Nevertheless, walking around with my camera helped me focus this time, and start inventing stories around the discarded items. Children’s toys and clothes were the saddest as they reminded me of the transience of life, the fleeting moments of childhood and children growing up. It seems like only yesterday when I sold my daughter’s baby clothes at a flea market, and soon it will be 20 years ago!


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