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#34 exam week is here again

034/365 exam week is here again, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our school year is divided into 5 grading periods. After each period there is an exam week, during which students take one 3-hour exam a day with possible free days here and there. All students follow their individual study plan and schedule, so their exam weeks are also different.

For a teacher, the beginning of the exam week provides a welcome change to the daily routine. No lessons to teach and working days end at noon for a week, luxury! It’s easy to forget, though, that after the week there will be the piles and piles of papers to mark and grades to give with tight deadlines, all together with starting new courses again.

This picture tells you what the routine is before any exam starts – students have to leave their mobile phones on a desk in front of the classroom. All the shiny new technology abandoned on one side, while the students sit on the other side using nothing but the ancient paper-and-pencil method to demonstrate what they have learned (memorized?!).

I am still in two minds about this strict separation of the world of ubiquitous media and that of schooling… Although I do believe that new ways of assessment are urgently needed, I am not convinced that the mobile phone will be the answer.


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