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#35 good riddance

035/365 good riddance, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I am inundated with work this week, which is leading to very school-centred ideas and photos. But it’s a great week, too, since we are totally renewing two classrooms plus half of our circular hallway. I blogged about the detailed plans in my other blog earlier.

It seems that we have reached a tipping point, where to find space for anything new, a lot of old clutter will have to go. Careful planning has been crucial to also take sustainability into consideration.

After today’s clear-out session, we were amazed at the amounts of useless stuff lying around everywhere. Among other things, boxes and boxes of last century reel-to-reel tapes gathering dust in every possible nook and cranny. Luckily they will be recycled into creative pieces in the junior high art and crafts classes. The old desks and chairs will still be used for national exams. But I really don’t know what will be done with the large sets of encyclopedias or the obsolete technology! The bottom line is, though, that we can’t turn a living school into a museum and keep storing everything.

I really can’t wait to see the makeover tomorrow!


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