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#37 favourite objects

037/365 favourite objects, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today has been a hard-working day of exam marking – my least favourite job as a teacher. But just as well since the dull, grey day didn’t tempt me to go out one bit.

So looking for curves for the Daily Shoot inside our home, I realized that, although not really creating a sense of movement, the curvy shape of the this lamp is very pleasing to the eye. Maybe that’s why these lamps (we have two on top of the piano) are among my favourite objects at home. In addition to the attractive shape, I also much prefer this light to the harsher and brighter ceiling lights. All through the dark winter season, I always switch these lights on to create a warm and snug ambience of comfort in the room. The cold breezes and inhuman temperature outside are instantly forgotten.


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