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#38 what is the point?

038/365 what is the point?, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Exam week half way through, and the piles don’t seem to have got any smaller even after hours of marking. My head is buzzing from too much coffee, and my eyes hurt. Another lonely weekend with papers -family and friends neglected. This is the dark side of teaching.

We have exam weeks five time a year, plus make-up exams and national exam twice a year on top of that. During those times, I don’t really have a life. Even when I try to do something else to unwind, I have a guilty conscience and worry about getting it all done by the deadline. My family already know that they will have to look after themselves during these weeks – I’m irritable, and in my own world. Work totally takes over, and I don’t like it.

More and more I am questioning the sense in all this testing. It seems that all we do is test, and there is not enough time for learning in between. Will my red-pen correcting efforts truly lead to any student learning? I know all their mistakes by heart even in my dreams – I don’t need any more practice. Seriously, why don’t I develop more creative, new methods?


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