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#49 school’s out forever

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School year in Finland is scattered with special annual festivities with long traditions. Today, Finnish high school seniors celebrated their last ever day of school. From now on, they will study for the national final exams at home to then graduate at the end of May.

After themed fancy-dress events at school, students from all the different high schools in the region, are brought on trucks to the market square of our town, where they drive around for an hour. Each group decorate their truck with slogans and pictures, full of puns, humour, and topical world and domestic issues. They also try to stand out from the others with their outfits, and outdo the others’ volume of noise created. For us teachers, and especially principals and school administration, it’s important PR for the school what image the students promote on this day. The local press always reports on the day, comparing the wittiness and effort of the students.

With brilliant sunshine today, the place was packed with family, friends and curious passers-by. It’s heaven for little kids, since the students throw out masses of sweets. All the kids need to do is to keep their bags open in the right place, as you can perhaps see. Some had huge sacks absolutely bursting full! I don’t think parents will be very pleased when kids get home high on sugar.

Today was a bit wistful for me, as my own daughter was on one of the trucks. One phase of her, and our, life irretrievably over…

If you are interested, do check out my set of photos of this special day on Flickr.


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