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#50 “the day of the old”

050/365 “the day of the old”, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Following yesterday, when the high school seniors (3rd-graders) left school, today the 2nd-graders took their place as the oldest students of the school – and with style. All dressed up in old-fashioned style finery, they performed old ballroom dances that had been practised with the PE teacher for weeks before.

This is an old tradition in Finnish high schools although it has changed a lot during the years. In the past, everybody used to rummage through their parents’ and grandparents’ atticks for genuine vintage outfits, but today it has unfortunately taken on, not always nice and desirable, competitive traits of who has the most beautiful and expensive outfit.

The polonaise, waltzes and other dances are really lovely to watch. But the lighting conditions in our school gym are miserable for my camera… More pictures of the dances can be seen in this Flickr set.


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