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#52 steamboat

052/365 steamboat, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After an eventful week of student exchange in Singapore, I am trying to catch up with the rhythm of my daily photos. So many photos to choose from, but most of them more of the holiday snapshot style. Due to a hectic schedule all week, all I was able to do was to keep snapping away, without much chance to reflect about or focus on composition or other photographic features. I had to leave the sorting, editing and choosing of my daily photos till I came back.

On arrival, the first Sunday evening, we were prepared to leave for a steamboat trip somewhere straight after the flight, since this was written on our itinerary for the evening. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too keen to go anywhere after travelling around 24 hours non-stop.

But what a misunderstanding and a big relief when it turned out that the Singapore steamboat is actually a special Chinese New Year meal enjoyed together with a group of relatives or friends. In the middle of the table there is a steaming pot of chicken broth on a hot plate and around it, delicious ingredients to steam – tofu, fish balls, pieces of fish and chicken, Chinese cabbage and a lot of other goodies. Chai Lin, our host on the right, had invited a nice group of colleagues from her school to welcome us in this special way. We were really happy to just stay at home that first evening! A Chinese New Year’s parade was on loud on a flat screen TV on the wall, as we were laughing and chatting – and we guests struggling to use the chopsticks.


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