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#56 a place of peace

056/365 a place of peace, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

As a Finn, from a scarcely populated country of wide open areas, I have a need for peace and quiet every so often. Much as I like the refreshing hustle and bustle of foreign metropolises, and all the new exciting experiences, a place like this tea room in Chinatown in Singapore, offered a welcome moment of respite in the busy lifestyle.

The tea room had nice little nooks and crannies for parties of various sizes and all kinds of calming zen-like decor. It’s lovely to gather around a low table and sit on red silky cushions, although I have to admit that my unaccustomed knees did protest a bit. And then prepare proper tea (ie. not the teabag variety!) and enjoy it from tiny little cups following all the meticulous rituals. Good for the soul.


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