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#58 paradise of food

058/365 paradise of food, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The selection of food on offer in Singapore was so overwhelming that I, used to a much more limited choice, found it impossible to choose anything in the end. Luckily, we always had our local colleagues with us to guide us with the never-ending menus. During the week, we tried most of the main ethnic cuisines – Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese… And it was all mouth-wateringly delicious and exotic. So much variety that my mind boggles!

Food is also relatively cheap, which probably explains why eating out is one of the favourite passtimes of Singaporeans. I’m sure that also their unbelievably hectic lifestyle contributes to this – people simply don’t have the time to spare for cooking at home. And why would you when exciting restaurants abound!


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