#74 keeping fit

074/365 keeping fit, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I was hunting for pictures of trees today, when this woman walked briskly past me. Surely she has forgotten her skis, silly woman! Well, actually not – this is what we do here, all year round. The dictionary gives the translation “Nordic walking”, but most English-speakers have no idea what we are referring to. That’s why I usually call it “stick walking” , which is more easily understandable.

Definitely a craze for the middle-aged over here. Our children laugh at us, and wouldn’t want to be seen dead with us when we are walking with our sticks. But it really is an ingenious form of exercise. Not only is it safer to walk on the icy pavements, but it’s also a much more efficient work-out, since you exercise your upper body, too, and are forced to keep a faster pace than without the sticks. What’s more, after purchasing the sticks, it won’t cost you anything and gets you plenty of fresh air. For the snowless seasons we use special paw-like plastic covers on the metal spikes of the sticks.

The sun is getting warmer daily, and nicely thaws our hill by the afternoon, but it is very wet and slushy now. Spring is in the air, though!


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