#88 change of seasons

088/365 change of seasons, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot took me out for a walk, despite yet another wet and cloudy, grey day.

Make a photograph today of something that produces a unique sound. Try to communicate that sound to the viewer.

I was after the first signs of spring, and trying to listen to sounds that could be communicated into pictures, but I wasn’t very lucky. I did hear lovely singing of birds but they were well hidden in colourless trees. The purl of the streams of melted snow was nice, too, but didn’t really come across in any pictures. So I ditched the sound idea, and just looked for any signs of spring around me.

It’s quite symbolic that the only colourful point I could find along the road today, except for cars, was this broken and useless sledge. It has certainly served its time, like the whole winter. Yet, sad as it looks now, its bright colour still faintly reminded me of the joys on the snowy hills in winter.

Change is inevitable now, but will include a lot of inconvenience and bother. Water, mud, dirt, lots of extra yard and road work, rearrangements, finding new paths to walk as water blocks your usual routes, unpredictable weather… No wonder some people would rather stick to pure white winter, but the vision of green and sunny spring and summer clear in my mind will help me pull through, once again – reinvigorated. Quite the same process as with any positive change in life really.


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