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#120 student art

120/365 student art, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I like the way schools in Singapore proudly display students’ work. These modern paintings of different female attire drew my attention. In a multicultural, multireligious Asian society, the different roles of women give rise to many questions among us westerners.


#119 banana flower

119/365 banana flower, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Some of us were taken for lunch at Bollywood farm by the principal of our host school. It was an interesting place, built and developed by an eccentric Indian woman. She had her own villa on the grounds, too – strictly closed from nosy tourists by fences and gates, though. The gardens were wonderful, full of the most curious plants, all of which are used in the food in her popular restaurant, too.

I never knew that banana trees have got flowers – and this big and unusual as well! It was a very close afternoon, and soon after taking this picture a horrendous thunderstorm broke out. Luckily, it cleared the oppressive air a bit.


#118 a new journey begins

118/365 a new journey begins, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Changi airport, Singapore. Four students with butterflies in their tummies, a bit apprehensive to meet their Singaporean ‘buddies’ and host families.

Changi airport really deserved to have been voted the best airport in the world this year – and many previous years, too, I think. It is amazingly clean and the service is impeccable and friendly.


#117 on the road again

117/365 on the road again, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Changing planes at Frankfurt airport on our way to Singapore. The full moon lit our way – and everything went just fine. No sign of ash anywhere 🙂

Would have been nice to try Singapore Airlines, since I bet the service would be out of this world, but our reliable German Lufthansa flights were just fine, too.


#116 plastic in my life

116/365 plastic in my life, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Getting ready to travel abroad tomorrow, I emptied my purse of all the unnecessary cards (concerned about them being stolen again, as happenend once before!) While doing that, I remembered today’s Daily Shoot challenge:

Plastic is everywhere. Make a photograph that illustrates a use of plastic in your life today.

It’s amazing how many cards you acquire from different places. Money has been plastic for me for ages. It’s sometimes a bit embarrassing when somebody rings our bell with a good fund-raising cause, and I’ve got to turn them down because I only carry ‘plastic money’ with me.

The blurriness of the picture is a good reminder of how overspending, for example, is much easier, using a plastic card than with cash – at least for me. It may be because the plastic card doesn’t seem to be worth that much.


#115 parades

115/365 parades, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today the scouts invaded the streets for their yearly parades although parades of any kind, especially ones in uniform, are very rare in our society.

I loved the way the little boys held each other’s hands. And how their brigade sign carrier looked rather pensive, maybe thinking of his responsibility for leading the group. Togetherness, group spirit and happy faces, but at the same time a rather militaristic feel backed up by drums.

This sight vividly reminded me of Singapore with their school uniforms and extracurricular brigades. I also remembered the dozens of parades we saw in the US during our one-year stay in Virginia, with Clinton’s second inauguration as the most spectacular one. So typical of me that my mind wanders to intercultural comparisons…


#114 fly me to the moon

114/365 fly me to the moon, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

let me play among the stars
let me see what spring is like
on Jupiter and Mars…

I am not quite ‘over the moon’ about this picture. I should have had something spring-like in the foreground to give the picture some depth, but that will have to wait for another time.


#113 linking it all together

113/365 linking it all together, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This was one of my attempts for the Daily Shoot challenge:

Train your eye to look for repetition. Make a photo of a repeating subject while considering composition and DOF.

It represents my existence very well at the moment. It’s been a crazy week, and some more crazy days to come. I have detailed to-do lists to be able to keep track, and I’m ticking stuff off the list in a strict order to be able to move on to the next task. It’s a bit like putting a chain like this together – bit by by, linking the pieces to finally get to a whole. And a lot of the work I do now is repetitive as well – marking pile after pile of exams is like completing the repeating colour patterns on the chain.

Wow, the connections I make in my head at the parking lot of the local supermarket!


#112 love is in the air

112/365 love is in the air, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment became my picture of the day:

Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Make any photo that shows new life!

High up on an electric wire, a pigeon couple were ‘necking and kissing’ each other so sweetly for ages. A sure sign of new life soon to be born in our part of the world. The evening sun even coloured the bare tree branches romantically pink.

Spring is a lovely time of the year. Just as John Paul Young sang in the good old 1970s hit:

Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound

And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
Don’t know if I’m being wise
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when I look in your eyes…


#111 “night of the arts”

111/365 “night of the arts”, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment was:

What’s your favorite type of music? Make a photo today that in some way conveys your taste in music.

Just by luck, we had our annual “night of the arts” at school today. The school day is 6-10pm, with no regular classes but concerts, performances and workshops to do with different artistic themes.

Most importantly, it is a chance for students to showcase their different talents. The end of the evening concert is always a great success. I like many different types of music, and my favourites change depending on my mood and the circumstances. Tonight this subdued girl trio, and their ballads with beautiful Finnish lyrics, struck a chord with me.

There is so much in our students that I never notice or know of when I just meet them in language classes. It’s nice to learn more about them. It’s also good to share a more relaxed and artistic ambience at school for one evening, instead of the everyday rush.


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