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#113 linking it all together

113/365 linking it all together, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This was one of my attempts for the Daily Shoot challenge:

Train your eye to look for repetition. Make a photo of a repeating subject while considering composition and DOF.

It represents my existence very well at the moment. It’s been a crazy week, and some more crazy days to come. I have detailed to-do lists to be able to keep track, and I’m ticking stuff off the list in a strict order to be able to move on to the next task. It’s a bit like putting a chain like this together – bit by by, linking the pieces to finally get to a whole. And a lot of the work I do now is repetitive as well – marking pile after pile of exams is like completing the repeating colour patterns on the chain.

Wow, the connections I make in my head at the parking lot of the local supermarket!


#112 love is in the air

112/365 love is in the air, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment became my picture of the day:

Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Make any photo that shows new life!

High up on an electric wire, a pigeon couple were ‘necking and kissing’ each other so sweetly for ages. A sure sign of new life soon to be born in our part of the world. The evening sun even coloured the bare tree branches romantically pink.

Spring is a lovely time of the year. Just as John Paul Young sang in the good old 1970s hit:

Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound

And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
Don’t know if I’m being wise
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when I look in your eyes…


#111 “night of the arts”

111/365 “night of the arts”, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment was:

What’s your favorite type of music? Make a photo today that in some way conveys your taste in music.

Just by luck, we had our annual “night of the arts” at school today. The school day is 6-10pm, with no regular classes but concerts, performances and workshops to do with different artistic themes.

Most importantly, it is a chance for students to showcase their different talents. The end of the evening concert is always a great success. I like many different types of music, and my favourites change depending on my mood and the circumstances. Tonight this subdued girl trio, and their ballads with beautiful Finnish lyrics, struck a chord with me.

There is so much in our students that I never notice or know of when I just meet them in language classes. It’s nice to learn more about them. It’s also good to share a more relaxed and artistic ambience at school for one evening, instead of the everyday rush.


#110 ash clouds?

110/365 ash clouds?, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Blue skies most of the day but in the afternoon, for a while, ominously dark, hanging clouds appeared. Couldn’t help thinking that they had been carried by winds from the volcano in Iceland. But, of course, there is no certainty. This could be a picture for today’s Daily Shoot challenge, too:

Make a photo of something that isn’t there.

It’s very rare that we here in Finland are affected by any kind of natural disasters. We are located in a safe ‘pocket’ from stormy oceans, so no tsunamis. Nor do we ever experience hurricanes or earthquakes. No volcanoes here either, no high mountains with the threat of avalanches in winter. Yet, for the last week, Mother Nature has forced us to reassess life as we know it.

No idea yet whether I and four students will be able to fly to Singapore next Tuesday, for the second school exchange this year. We are preparing, and hoping for the best but everything is on hold and there is no certainty of that either.

A good reminder of how small we people are in the great infinity, and how, in the end, nothing can be taken for granted.


#109 like a reed in the wind

109/365 like a reed in the wind, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Cycling home, I spotted these delicate reeds swaying in the evening sunlight. The warm tones are deceptive here, though, as it’s turned temporarily cold again. Night frost and frozen car windows this morning.

Today, I feel almost as vulnerable and weak as these plants. Too many obligations and piled up work are testing my strength, just as the wind makes the reeds sway and bend with its force. Luckily, winds come and go, and calmer days are ahead.


#108 at 8.30pm!

108/365 at 8.30pm!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I can’t believe the length of the day! The sun was still up at this hour, although quite low and ready to soon disappear behind the horizon. But still high enough to beam this warming light through our upstairs window. I really liked the way it illuminated the plants in front of the study window.

News headlines about the ash clouds from Iceland were no better today, but I can’t help focusing on the light tonight. And to think that on top of this, there is green growth for us just round the corner!


#107 archipelago market

107/365 archipelago market, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

For four days, one side of our river is packed with people visiting the annual spring archipelago market. Fishermen, farmers, artists and craftspeople from the islands off our coast set up their tents and booths to sell their products. There are also tent restaurants offering non-stop fish meals.

Apart from fish, also a lot of other food products were on offer, plus also different crafts and pieces of art and souvenirs. I especially appreciate the fact that a lot of the produce is organic, and all of it fresh and local, with no long-distance transportation involved.

Despite the dull and chilly weather today, hundreds of people still came, as this has become a real must traditional venue. If you are interested, you can see more pictures in this set.


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