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#151 end of a green May

151/365 end of a green May, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

With my daily photos I seem to have become more sensitive to colours around me. Today I was attracted by these beautiful green reflections on our car windows. Green, green, green everywhere.


#150 still waiting

150/365 still waiting, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Posted this picture 10 days ago but thought I’d try another one to go with the Daily Shoot theme:

Sunday challenge time! Find any sort of wildlife today, and make a photo. Get in close if you can and focus on the eyes.

And the mother/father bird is still patiently sitting on the eggs. The nest is so awkwardly close to the corner of the carport that it has to keep its tail up against the wall. Looks rather uncomfortable.

It’s amazing how we seem to have developed an understanding of peaceful coexistence. The bird doesn’t seem to be bothered by us driving in and out, and we, in turn, don’t intrude by inspecting the nest when the bird has flown away to find some food. So we don’t even know how many eggs there are.

We think this is a female blackbird, and sometimes it seems that the darker black male pops round as well. We are not quite sure, though. If it is a blackbird, the baby birds should hatch in about two weeks, so not long now. I do hope everything is OK and that I will soon be able to announce the happy news.


#149 urban jungle

149/365 urban jungle, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I knew there was a place in our forest where teenagers often go in summer but I never realized it looked like this until I walked there today. Last summer, the fire brigade had to be called once when a campfire had spread one Saturday evening. On another occasion, our rocking chair from our terrasse disappeared one night, and was later found in this place – unbroken, luckily. They had obviously just wanted something to sit on.

It is a pity that our town doesn’t want to provide youngsters with controlled places to get together. Instead, groups of youngsters gather wherever they can, and unsupervised, usually leave quite a mess behind. This looked like a sad cemetary of bikes along with a lot of other rubbish thrown on the ground.

Here is a set of pictures from the place. Strangely, I found an edgy beauty in the ugliness of it all.


#148 the unbearable lightness of being

One week to go till summer holiday! And I’m having a Friday off, as it’s the last exam week, and sometimes we teachers get this luxury then.

This dandelion represents my frivolous mood perfectly. I feel like just blowing on the fluffy dandelion seeds and watching them fly up in the air, disppearing into the distance, taking away all the worry, hurry and work load of the entire school year with them.

I feel I’ve got all the time in the world to go wherever the wind wants to take me, and it’s a great feeling!


#147 mementos

147/365 mementos, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The Daily Shoot assignment drew my attention to this gift from our Indian guests last week, placed on a shelf in our staff room.

Shiny things attract attention. Make a photograph of a shiny object and post it today. Focus in on the reflections.

The ceiling light gives it a beautiful shine, and brings out all the details on the plate. If you look carefully, you can also see the reflection of the orange, white and green Indian national flag, which is standing next to the plate.

The Indian group reached home safely today, and our school seems very quiet after the departure of the lively bunch. A lot was learned about intercultural collaboration by us teachers, the visiting students, their hosts and their families. I am sure the visit will have far wider repercusions than can be seen inside the school. When people from very different cultures meet at such a personal level, there is always a certain amount of friction, surprise, culture shock even, but my hope is that with careful reflection and debriefing with teachers, students will, in time, learn invaluable lessons about the importance of understanding and appreciating different perspectives and behaviours.

Some of my colleagues categorically refuse to interact with any of our foreign guests in any way – for reasons I cannot possibly guess. For them, these mementos on the shelf are nothing but irritating, dust-gathering kitsch. For me, looking at the many souvenirs from different colleagues around the world who have visited us, opens up a wonderful world of opportunity, friendship and learning that I honestly feel is essential for the future of our world.


#146 square peg into a round hole

146/365 square peg into a round hole, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment instantly reminded me of this old children’s toy.

Lose the rectangle today. Make a photograph with a square (1:1) aspect ratio and post it. Crop if needed.

I can remember our daughter eagerly playing with this wooden box when she was small. She kept patiently trying to work out which peg fitted into which hole. And what a sense of achievement every time she managed to get one in. It soon got too boring, though, when she had memorized it all. I often struggle with the balance between some necessary routine and repetition and creativity in learning and teaching foreign languages.

What about the square peg students in schools that only offer round holes? Or teachers, for that matter, who themselves don’t fit in the accepted moulds? Will the squares be forced to round their edges, or will holes of varying shapes and sizes be allowed?


#145 landing

145/365 landing, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Busy as a bee! I now know literally what that English saying means, having watched and followed this one bee amidst the hundreds of apple blossoms.

I have been busy as a bee for the last month. First the 12-day trip to Singapore, and then a student exchange visit from New Delhi, India, in our school. I have barely managed to keep up my one picture a day routine, and I must say I have missed my regular photo shoot cycling or walking trips. Luckily, I’m now back to ordinary routine, and could go for a nice cycle tour this afternoon. What a lot of lovely colours, plants, insects, blooms and growth I witnessed!

Shooting away with my camera, hoping to get some nice shots of the fast flying bee, I finally chose this one as my favourite. Like the best pilots, the bee kept landing skillfully right in the middle of the blossoms to collect the pollen.


#144 purple iris

144/365 purple iris, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s been many weeks since I have been able to contribute to the Daily Shoot pool but, finally today, the moment I saw the assignment, I knew what my picture would be.

Today’s color is purple. Maybe you’ll find it on a fruit. Maybe a flower. Or, maybe a sign. Make a photo and post it.

It was only yesterday that the first purple iris buds opened in our garden. They are magnificent blooms with interesting white beards. A rainy day added the natural drops to the flowers. Nature sure is wonderful!


#143 it wasn’t us!

143/365 it wasn’t us!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

“If we stay cool and look the other way, nobody will suspect us!”

Took our Indian guests to Helsinki for the day. There is this one statue in a park right in the centre of town that seems to be the favourite spot of seagulls. It’s actually quite hilarious how they stay there, almost like a permanent hat on the guy’s head – with the inevitable consequences… There is humour around us in unexpected places!


#142 vine

142/365 vine, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Green is the colour of life. Right now it signifies

Climbing by the side of our balcony, this vine is a perennial delight. It has only just turned green, and looks really lovely.


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