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#181 what’s for dinner?

181/365 what’s for dinner?, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Got some organic mince meat from my brother, who gets it straight from a nearby farm. Also added some fresh new carrots, peas and onions from the marketplace to this homemade bolognese, and seasoned and garnished it with herbs from our garden. All through the years, I have made sure that the family gets together at least once a day around the table to eat and share the day’s news. These have been important and cherished moments.

We are very much into cooking from scratch, with fresh, local – organic if possible – produce. Our teenager, especially, is very adamant about ethic principles when it comes to food. For example, she will only eat meat of free-range animals, or fish that has been proven sustainable in our waters. Good for her! Wish more young people would give up fast food in favour of healthier and more environmentally-friendly alternatives.


#180 my window to the world

180/365 my window to the world, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

All day stuck at home with a slight summer cold. Real nuisance on a beautiful, sunny day. Spent most of the time tying up some unfinished business online, so not a total waste. Today’s picture ended up being this for the Daily Shoot, as it quite appropriately depicts my day:

What’s your favorite device to access the Internet? Make a photograph of it today.

My favourite device is my laptop, of course. Small and snappy, it keeps me connected – wirelessly, day and night. No mobile Internet for me yet. I am dreaming of iPhones more and more, though…

Just realized what a contrast to yesterday’s all white picture!

Screen picture credit: NASA Blue Marble


#179 high key shopping

179/365 high key shopping, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

White was today’s Daily Shoot colour:

Go high key today. Make a photograph that’s all bright tones or dominated by white.

I had to do a lot of searching and research about high key photography. A totally new concept for me. One thing I did pick up, was that high key photos are bright and create a happy and joyful feeling. No wonder then that lots of white, lights and bright colours are used in shopping centres. Happy people will buy more! Wouldn’t you just be irresistibly drawn towards this entrance?

I now notice that the bottom part of the pillars can’t quite be differentiated from the overall whiteness – sign of overexposure I guess. Today’s assignment was a real challenge, and made me realize how much I need to work before I can even dream of learning. I know so very little about my camera, all its features and how they will affect the picture. Photography truly teaches the patience and humility required for lifelong learning.


#178 that funny little girl

178/365 that funny little girl, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Down memory lane again with today’s Daily Shoot:

Sunday challenge: Make a photograph with a photograph. Find a cherished print and compose it in a larger scene.

The picture was taken 14 years ago, and now she’s leaving home. I’m left with memories and ABBA

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture
And save it from the funny tricks of time

Slipping through my fingers all the time…


#177 floating

177/365 floating, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Weightless, timeless, stressless, worry-free – like a floating water lily leaf. The gentle, wavy ripples created these interesting, almost psychedelic, reflections of the sky above on the surface of the lake. No other sound than the faint lapping of the water and some distant birds singing their sweet tunes.

We all need some time to totally relax, and get in tune with the natural world around us. For me, spending time at a summer cottage is a perfect occasion to unwind and recharge my batteries


#176 midsummer

176/365 midsummer, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The highlight of the Finnish summer is the celebration of Midsummer, at the weekend closest to the summer solstice. We have a funny tradition of considering the Eve of any holiday, Midsummer included, the most important day. We are lucky every year, to get a Midsummer invitation to go to our friends’ cottage in the middle of nowhere, by a little lake, almost like a pond really.

We escape to the summer cottage from busy, urban life. At its best, it is a primitive place without electricity or running water, and with a little red outhouse in the forest. Life there is slow and meditative. Most of your time is spent warming the wood-burning sauna, barbeques, getting water from a well or a natural spring, and heating the stove to get hot water for washing up. Whatever time is left, you just swim, play traditional games, or sit on the jetty, listening to the sounds of nature. Bliss!


#175 roadworks

175/365 roadworks, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Every summer it’s the same darn thing. The moment it’s warm enough to go cycling or for walks, roadworks start. Pavements and whole streches of streets are dug up, with gaping holes and ugly machinery everywhere.

Can’t be helped, though, since summer is the only time to carry out this important maintenance to repair the damage of the long winter. It’s practicality before enjoying pretty ‘summer in the city’ views. Reminds me of the old fable about the grasshopper and the ant.


#174 light and shadow

174/365 light and shadow, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Daily Shoot led me to look for shadows today:

Make a photo composed of interesting shadows today. Try composing with long shadows at the beginning and end of the day.

Towards the evening, the sun shines warmly into our garden, painting attractive shadows on different surfaces. The opposites attracted me in this picture. The shadows reminded me of the intricate designs of the Asian art of shadow theatre.

It’s like yin and yang, an eternal cycle of light and darkness, sun and moon. Two inseparable companions. We need to embrace both, just like our own shadow that will follow us, by our side through life.


#173 little wonders

173/365 little wonders, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

What makes some of us grow and thrive even when all odds seem to be against us? Is it nature or nurture, or the right combination of both? Maybe it is nothing but a lucky chance. In similar circumstances, many others would have withered away long before blooming.

I wish we could all push towards the light, and reach our full potential, irrespective of the surroundings. We will let this little wild violet have its life on our patio, even if out of place, and enjoy its delicate beauty.


172/365 summer solstice 11.10 pm

172/365 summer solstice 11.10 pm, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Summer solstice today – the longest day of the year. The sun rose at 4.01 am and it set at 11.04 pm, which made the lenght of the day 19 hrs 3 mins. Our Midsummer has been moved to the nearest Saturday of the solstice, ie. next weekend will be the festive summer celebration.

We really had a colourful sunset today. It’s amazing how fast this lightest time of the year flies past. From now on, it will be the slow descend till winter darkness again. Luckily, the shortening of the day will hardly be noticeable until August! Summer has hardly begun, and there is lots more of it left.

The sky at 10 pm.

The sky at 11.30 pm.


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