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#154 down memory lane

154/365 down memory lane, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Going through my favourite childhood activities for the Daily Shoot made me open the lid of my old piano.

Think of a favorite childhood sport, game, or activity. Make a nostalgic photo today. (@muffett68)

The piano has stood there, untouched for months, if not over a year – as you can see by the dust on the keys. I used to go to piano lessons from the age of 6, when my parents bought this very same piano for me, till I was 15.  I was never really musically talented, I just learned to read the notes and play what was written there. No improvisation or creative skills in me. Still, all those years practising taught me a certain discipline and the appreciation of many classical pieces, and I did enjoy playing. It seems to be a skill – much like cycling or skating, for example – that you will never forget, once learned. Still, I rarely play any more. Our daughter also had a go with the piano but clearly it wasn’t her cup of tea either.

As I had seen hundreds of wonderful piano shots on flickr before, I was at first going to reject this photo, as I thought I couldn’t possibly produce any new angle that would be uniquely mine. In the end, though, I liked this picture, as the dust can clearly be seen there, and the silvery reflections from the window and the golden/coppery bokeh in the background somehow represent the blurry, but bright and happy childhood memories.


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