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#161 sushi for lunch

161/365 sushi for lunch, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s been all about food. We are planning our daughter’s graduation party for July, and going round different places to put together a menu for some 60 people. In Finland, high school graduation with the white caps, is a major celebration, whereas university graduation is hardly celebrated at all. Family and friends will be invited to share a toast of champagne, followed by a buffet of coctail style food plus coffee and cakes to finish with. Our daughter did the international IB diploma so they will graduate in July instead of beginning of June, like the Finnish high schools. I do hope I’m not tempting fate by writing about this early, since their results will only be revealed in early July!

Sushi will be part of our buffet table. Japanese food is very much the craze among Finnish teenagers. Found a really nice little Japanese restaurant in town with a genuine Japanese chef in the kitchen, whose Finnish wife runs the restaurant side. After placing our order, we decided to have lunch there, and thoroughly enjoyed the food, the surroundings and the service. Missing Japan now…


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