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#163 toast to summer

163/365 toast to summer, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A therapeutic evening with my English-speaking ladies’ group to start the summer season and hear everybody’s plans for the holidays. Cheers, chin chin, skål, prosit, kippis – clinking glasses for a nice summer, good health and happiness. Many will be travelling abroad, some will go to their home countries to visit family and relatives, some will stay here and travel around Finland. Children – young and older – are often a topic of conversation: their education and choosing schools, especially if it’s a bi- or even trilingual family. Diets and exercise come up: some of us, including me, are going to try aquajogging this summer. The ups and downs of marriages, and sadly, increasing divorces are another favourite topic among us. The whole spectrum of human life.

We were supposed to meet outside in a riverboat pub to enjoy the summer evening but had to change plans because of rain and almost a gale blowing. That’s our changeable summer weather.


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