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#165 new potatoes

165/365 new potatoes, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Had a walk in the market square this morning, to admire all the colours and lovely fruit, vegetables, berries and flowers.

Finnish new potatoes are finally on offer – but for an excruciating price! I will still stick to the Swedish ones sold at the supermarket for a while… After the long winter, the first new potatoes are always a big item here. They are deliciously soft and sweet, and traditionally boiled, well scrubbed so the thin skins can be eaten, and served with butter and dill.

The funny thing about selling potatoes in the market place in Finland – and also berries and peas, for example – is that they are measured in litres, i.e. a liquid measure. The metal container is one litre, but as you can see, it is not a very exact measure, and the buyer usually ends up getting a bit more. The bigger wooden box is the traditional Finnish market place measure for potatoes, called ‘kappa’. This smaller ‘kappa’ equals 2 litres, and there is also a big ‘kappa’ for 5 litres of potatoes.

Last summer there was news about a new EU regulation for all member states to adopt kilograms for weighing these products more accurately, but obviously it hasn’t come into force, at least not yet. People are in two minds about it – it would make you get exactly what you pay for, and might possibly be more profitable for the sellers. Then again, there is always the threat that it would make prices go up, and then the buyer would never get the free little bit extra, as is the custom now.


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