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#168 nature and nurture

168/365 nature and nurture, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Followed this endearing bird family by the seaside today. The little chicks were adorable, like incredibly soft, furry balls with a tiny beak. The moment I approached, pointing my camera at them, the mother (or father??) started loud warning sounds to summon the babies away from the threatening intruder. One little chick was either a weak swimmer, or just liked the comfort of a free ride, and kept climbing on mummy’s back.

I made a whole photo story about this bird family.

This family scene of caring for the little ones, reminded me of my own family. How many times I have carried our daughter, literally or in spirit, when she has needed my help and support. Will I have guided her well enough to survive when she starts her independent university life in a new country in September? And what will happen to these cute chicks when they fly off, out of the reach of parents’ warnings?

Actually, families, relationships, connections and networks have been on my mind a lot this week, especially after reading Mark Pesce’s lecture ‘Helicopter lessons’.  There is a lot of food for thought in it, for parents and educators alike. Also there is a lot to be said about extending our caring outside our immediate family. We should offer our back to anyone who needs to be carried for a while.


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