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#170 romance for a rainy day

170/365 romance for a rainy day, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The pouring rain kept me in most of the day. Good chance to watch the Swedish royal wedding live online. As a citizen of a republic, I find all the royal pomp and circumstance very strange and over the top, although there are other Finns, who longlingly follow the escapades of European royalty. Some Finnish women had even taken the night ferry to Stockholm to witness the procession first-hand. They were filmed cheering in the streets with paper crowns on their heads!

I heard an interesting question today: why is it that girls dream of becoming princesses, whereas boys always want to be kings – never princes. Why don’t girls want to be queens? Is it the picture of the old evil queens from fairytales that puts them off? Or is it power structures enforced right from an early age?

Who wouldn’t have liked to be Princess Victoria today, though, as the centre of attention in the beautiful celebration, and looking so much in love? Even I was moved! Here are the happy newly-weds, nicely framed on my laptop screen – inspired by today’s Daily Shoot:

Frame within a frame. Make a photo that uses an element–window, door, mirror, trees, etc.–to frame your main subject.


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