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172/365 summer solstice 11.10 pm

172/365 summer solstice 11.10 pm, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Summer solstice today – the longest day of the year. The sun rose at 4.01 am and it set at 11.04 pm, which made the lenght of the day 19 hrs 3 mins. Our Midsummer has been moved to the nearest Saturday of the solstice, ie. next weekend will be the festive summer celebration.

We really had a colourful sunset today. It’s amazing how fast this lightest time of the year flies past. From now on, it will be the slow descend till winter darkness again. Luckily, the shortening of the day will hardly be noticeable until August! Summer has hardly begun, and there is lots more of it left.

The sky at 10 pm.

The sky at 11.30 pm.


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