#173 little wonders

173/365 little wonders, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

What makes some of us grow and thrive even when all odds seem to be against us? Is it nature or nurture, or the right combination of both? Maybe it is nothing but a lucky chance. In similar circumstances, many others would have withered away long before blooming.

I wish we could all push towards the light, and reach our full potential, irrespective of the surroundings. We will let this little wild violet have its life on our patio, even if out of place, and enjoy its delicate beauty.

1 Response to “#173 little wonders”

  1. 1 Susan van Gelder
    June 23, 2010 at 14:59

    I always wonder at nature’s ability to thrive despite our attempts to pave it over. Things grow in every crack in the concrete and asphalt. And you are right – what makes some people able to grow and thrive despite terrible adversity and others shrivel unable to cope. I try to pick and choose my role models – would love to have the grace and integrity of Mandela.

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