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#176 midsummer

176/365 midsummer, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The highlight of the Finnish summer is the celebration of Midsummer, at the weekend closest to the summer solstice. We have a funny tradition of considering the Eve of any holiday, Midsummer included, the most important day. We are lucky every year, to get a Midsummer invitation to go to our friends’ cottage in the middle of nowhere, by a little lake, almost like a pond really.

We escape to the summer cottage from busy, urban life. At its best, it is a primitive place without electricity or running water, and with a little red outhouse in the forest. Life there is slow and meditative. Most of your time is spent warming the wood-burning sauna, barbeques, getting water from a well or a natural spring, and heating the stove to get hot water for washing up. Whatever time is left, you just swim, play traditional games, or sit on the jetty, listening to the sounds of nature. Bliss!


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