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#212 oh no, not yet!

212/365 oh no, not yet!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Last day of July, and what do I see! Some yellow autumn leaves already. And there was definitely a slight whiff of autumn in the breeze this afternoon as well – or maybe I was just imagining it.

Inevitably, back to school is also creeping into my mind, as the last holiday week is about to start. I don’t feel I’m quite ready yet but I’m going to make the most of the last free days, and hope that will work wonders to get me back in the working mood again.


#211 a curve on the road

211/365 a curve on the road, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I was looking at pavements today – for the Daily Shoot, as usual.

Pavement comes in many flavors. Asphalt. Concrete. Bricks. Stones. Make a photo of some pavement you see today.

Got this shot of the curve just below our home. It made me think about life and the twists and turns it brings our way.

A big twist is just round the corner for me – my only daughter moving out to start her university studies. I am already feeling the notorious ’empty nest syndrome’ setting in.

Usually, I enjoy unpredictability and changes in everyday routine (or at least the avoidance of rut!), but this time, the change seems too overwhelming for me – even though, for the last two years, it’s been so clear that it’s about time for your young lady to start her own life. I have even started dreaming about a total change of lifestyle for myself – change of career, or change of country perhaps? Who knows what’s round that bend for me!


#210 only passing clouds

210/365 only passing clouds, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Thunder has been brewing in the air for days now. Seeing these clouds this afternoon, I was sure that finally we would get some relief from the sticky heat – but still not. There was only a slight gust of wind, and soon enough the sun was back, blazing hot in a cloudless blue sky.

Today was actually a record hot day in eastern Finland – 37.2 degrees Celcius, the highest ever reading in our country! Hot enough here in the west, too. But having experienced an extremely cold and severe winter, we should just enjoy this tropical heat.


#209 my blueberry nights

209/365 my blueberry nights, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Do you ever have ‘theme evenings’ around a movie? A film that I liked very much at the cinema, three years ago when it was first released, was on TV tonight – ‘My blueberry nights’, with Jude Law and Norah Jones as the sympathetic couple. To get into the mood, I had some fresh blueberries with youghurt.

Those of you who have seen the film will remember this scene – Elizabeth has just had her blueberry pie and falls asleep at the counter of the bar, with some leftover icecream on her lip, which leads to the soppy, romantic end of the film, with Jeremy kissing ït away. Awww! Other than this scene, I really enjoyed the American roadtrip story, and the overall dreamy touch of the Hong Kong director, Kar Wai Wong.


#208 symbolic sixes

208/365 symbolic sixes, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

My eyes were looking for sixes for the Daily Shoot today, and also noticed this ceramic plate, a gift from Sicily.

Today’s theme is the number 6. Make a photograph of the number six, six objects, or express six in an alternate way.

Cracked in transport, but luckily glued back together,  it has now brightened the wall of our terrasse for years.

According to some ideas about the symbolism of numbers, six represents equilibrum, harmony and balance. Maybe the artist was looking for this balance by painting six pairs of lemons circling the edge of the plate, and a round flower with several layers of six petals in the middle ot it. When you look closely, even some of black lines around the lemons ressemble the form of number six – continuous curves, without any straight lines or angles, although I’m sure this is purely coincidental. I must say, in my eyes, the various six elements on the plate form a very pleasing whole.


#207 digital clutter

207/365 digital clutter, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This must be the favourite position of 21st-century tourists. When we travel, we photograph or video with abandon – everything and anything. On package tours, it’s usually the guide who tells the group to get off the coach, and in a few allocated minutes get a picture of a famous landmark or building. And like trained pets, all the tourists flock out to click away. If I can help it, I avoid package tours like the plague…

Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to collect all the pictures of one popular spot, taken in the course of one day? Millions of travellers posing at slightly different positions and angles. Maybe somebody has already compiled a project that like. How many of us ever look at our accumulated digital travel pictures more than once – possibly a few times, to show (and bore to death!) family and friends on return? And yet, it’s so easy, and practically free – why wouldn’t we do it? It’s quite a job to ruthlessly discard and edit your pictures, and keep your files organized. For me, net publishing helps tremendously to declutter my digital photos. It would also be interesting to see how long digital photos can be preserved. I have already read speculations that, where old prints fade and discolour, digital photos are likely to just unpixelate at some point.

If anyone’s interested, other pictures from my day trip to Tallinn, Estonia, can be seen here.


#206 green travelling

206/365 green travelling, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Cycling past the railway station today, these new green trains caught my eye. I’ve always loved travelling by train. Seeing the rails here makes me want to hop on and start an improvised adventure, just like the Interrail trips I did around Europe decades ago, as a young university student. Apart from the environmental aspect, trains are ideal for people and scenery watching, getting a real sense of distance, and so much more comfortable than buses or coaches, let alone cramped cars that you have to drive yourself. It’s a pity that so many youngsters today think they are always in such a hurry that they’d rather opt for the budget airlines. They have little patience for the fascinating journey, with only the gleaming holiday destination in mind.

Back at home, some net research revealed that our national railway company has teamed up with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to promote green travelling, and accordingly painted the new trains with pictures of indigeneous Finnish animals, like the swans here, and forest and lake scenes. Great idea!


#205 first blueberry pie of the summer

July is blueberry time over here. I went out with a bowl, all hopeful, to the woods behind our house to pick enough for the first pie of the summer, only to discover that either the long drought had prevented the berries from growing, or somebody else had got their before me.

Luckily, there were other more successful pickers at the market place selling their berries. This old recipe is a summer favourite in our family.


#204 happy birthday!

204/365 happy birthday!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Celebrated a friend’s birthday on one of our riverboats tonight. The string of colourful lights decorating the boat made a nice celebration bokeh to remember a fun evening with friends.

Later on, we went to the outside pool for a midnight swim and picnic. They organise these late night moonlight swimming events once a month to fundraise for the children’s hospital. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast, so we didn’t see the moon, but the swim was lovely anyway in the dark night.


#203 more blooms to come

203/365 more blooms to come, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Just noticed some of our neighbour’s clematis buds, strayed to our side, through the gaps of the fence. They have beautiful, purple blooms, and I’m hoping the neighbour won’t notice and pull them back before we can enjoy their beauty.


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