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#186 trapped

185/365 trapped, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Poor butterfly. It had strayed in, and got trapped behind the glass of our garden door. It kept fluttering about, fluttering about, desperately trying to get out, but unable to get through the transparent, and delusive obstacle in front. The lovely sunny garden was just there, but there was no way out.

I guess it’s possible for us people, too, to get trapped behind visible, or not so obvious, mental walls. With all good intentions, we keep repeating the same, instinctive or learned, patterns to reach a goal, only to realize that we are not getting anywhere. Some students do this with learning. It’s very difficult to unlearn and think of a new approach. I sometimes wish I could see ‘inside students’ heads’, to actually understand what their obstacles look like, and then be able to help them. With the butterfly it was easy – I opened the door, and freedom to explore at last!


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