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#188 clean carpets

188/365 clean carpets, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Traditional summer activity – washing carpets outside. I got introduced to this tradition at my grandparents’ summer cottage when I was just a child. It used to be done in the sea or in a lake until, of course, it was discovered that the detergents used, even if the nature-friendly kind, contributed to the euthofication of the waterways. These days, towns provide inland washing facilities, which are quite nice communal centres in summer. Unfortunately, not many people do this themselves anymore in their busy lives, but rely on the services of chemical laundries.

We keep this up for several reasons: it’s fun (although exhausting, too!), it’s good exercise, it saves money, and it reminds me of childhood summers and keeps traditions alive. Nothing beats the fresh smell of pine soap that the clean carpets spread around the home. I do hope rain will keep off for the next few days, so our carpets will get dry!

Here is another picture to show what the facilities look like.


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