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#194 “spoonbread”

194/365 “spoonbread”, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Hot baking session today in the heat. Made these intricate shortbread-like biscuits. This is a traditional recipe for special occasions. The pastry is shaped in a small teaspoon, hence the Finnish name. The cooled halves are joined together with apple jam in the middle, and the biscuits are then rolled in fine sugar. They really are moorish, but not very often baked at home anymore, because it does take time and effort.

The last time I baked them was for my daughter’s christening, nineteen years ago! This time it is for her graduation this coming Saturday. I have ordered all the rest of the food from a caterer, simply to save myself from all the work and bother. It used to be an unwritten rule for Finnish women (maybe women in other cultures, too?) to consider it a question of pride to prepare everything from scratch yourself, and then on the actual day, literally almost collapse of fatigue. My mother used to do it every time there was a special celebration in the family, and I still remember the stress and bad temper involved in the hectic preparations. On the other hand, I know that my daughter really appreciates my little effort of at least baking something myself. If my mum was still alive, though, she would be appalled at my laziness. But I am relieved to have shifted the age-old burden – although, I must admit, with a little tinge of guilt.


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