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#205 first blueberry pie of the summer

July is blueberry time over here. I went out with a bowl, all hopeful, to the woods behind our house to pick enough for the first pie of the summer, only to discover that either the long drought had prevented the berries from growing, or somebody else had got their before me.

Luckily, there were other more successful pickers at the market place selling their berries. This old recipe is a summer favourite in our family.


#204 happy birthday!

204/365 happy birthday!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Celebrated a friend’s birthday on one of our riverboats tonight. The string of colourful lights decorating the boat made a nice celebration bokeh to remember a fun evening with friends.

Later on, we went to the outside pool for a midnight swim and picnic. They organise these late night moonlight swimming events once a month to fundraise for the children’s hospital. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast, so we didn’t see the moon, but the swim was lovely anyway in the dark night.


#203 more blooms to come

203/365 more blooms to come, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Just noticed some of our neighbour’s clematis buds, strayed to our side, through the gaps of the fence. They have beautiful, purple blooms, and I’m hoping the neighbour won’t notice and pull them back before we can enjoy their beauty.


#202 darkening nights

202/365 darkening nights, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

As much as I love the long light hours of early summer, there is also a magical charm in the darkening nights at the moment. I try to stay up to experience every second of the rare, dark moments when it’s warm around here, as, mostly, warm and dark outdoors never coincide up here in the north. It’s lovely to light colourful lanterns in the garden and enjoy their flickering glow.

When I was younger, I used to long for some time in central of southern Europe every summer, to be wrapped in the romantic and exotic warm darkness around me in the evening. With the warming of the climate, we do get a few rare instances of that even here now.


#201 at sakura

201/365 at sakura, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We treated ourselves to a meal at our favourite Japanese restaurant today. As I was looking for changing textures for the Daily Shoot, this arrangement by the window caught my eye.

Make a photograph that emphasizes a change in texture: smooth/rough, soft/hard, shiny/dull, etc.

It looked very attractive, even with the fake sakura, ie. cherry blossom.

I like this particular restaurant very much because the ambience there is always calm and peaceful, without any rush or stress. The Japanese chef and his Finnish wife run it as a family business, and do everything in the modest, almost unnoticeable, Japanese manner. It is a retreat of zen-like, meditative vibes that, together with the tasty food, energize me every time.


#200 precious evening light

200/365 precious evening light, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Just noting the quickly shortening days now. This picture was taken around 10 pm. In less than a month, we have already lost over an hour of daylight! Today the sun rose at 4:40 am and will set at 10:33 pm – making the length of the day 17h53mins. Compare to the summer solstice, almost a month ago

I don’t want to wish my time away, but we are clearly moving towards autumn now.


#199 dreamy day

199/365 dreamy day, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Post-party day was spent in a dream-like state of clearing up and getting over fatigue. The pictures I experimented with for the Daily Shoot challenge depict the mood very well.

Sunday Challenge: Compose an image that has a soft and dreamy look today, and make a photograph.

This is one of the bouquets of wild flowers we picked by the roadside for the graduation party. It’s daisy time.


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