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#243 some sun into the classroom

I redid the bulletin boards in one of the language classrooms at school today. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, since they were half empty and really sad and drab. As we don’t have our own classrooms, nobody is in charge of the bulletin boards, and thus nobody really does anything with them.

I so miss the school supply shops in America! We don’t have anything like them here. After primary school, it’s just not the custom to decorate the classrooms so much, let alone change the decor according to the seasons. My only chance was to get standard posters – many of them cliched stereotypes from the English-speaking world, but better than nothing, I reckoned. I also managed to find a few motivational posters in Singapore last spring.

The turquoise sunny beach hut by the sea is strategically placed in my line of view if I am in front of the classroom. It will be my escapist, daydreaming picture, especially when the cold, colourless winter hits us.


#242 autumn leaves

242/365 autumn leaves, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Some brighter autumn colours are already appearing here and there. Hopefully there will be a flamboyant display of colourful trees this year. It’s as though the leaves are desperately celebrating their last days of life before falling to the ground. Our lucky eyes get to enjoy their beautiful farewell.

An attempt to do the Daily Shoot assignment is there, too – the way the vine branch grows diagonally:

Make a photograph featuring a diagonal line or series of diagonal lines. Pull our attention through the photograph.


#241 day-trip to Helsinki

241/365 day-trip to Helsinki, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

An old friend from Cyprus contacted me that she was visiting Helsinki and that she would like to meet. Good reason to travel to the capital for a day. Busy day showing my friend and her colleagues some sights, but little time to think about photographs. Guiding foreign visitors always makes you think about your own country in a different light, and notice little details that you wouldn’t otherwise, doesn’t it? For example I hadn’t really looked at the Helsinki skyline from this angle before – high up the hill of the Russian cathedral towards the white Lutheran cathedral.

The Daily Shoot assignment was on mind, though:

Make a photograph of something cold today. Ice cubes, frosty beverages, or the freezer aisle at the grocery store.

A biting, cold wind was blowing from the sea all day, and even the sky looked very cold, I thought. I could almost imagine snow coming down from the dark clouds soon! Luckily, it’s not quite that cold yet!


#240 berries galore

240/365 berries galore, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Yet another Daily Shoot assignment for repetitive patterns today:

Use repetition to create an interesting photograph today. Grids, patterns, or a series of lines will all do the trick.

I’m not a great fan of repetitive routine, but today it led me to this line of rowan trees, heavy with berries. Lots of them everywhere this year, it seems. Some old folk say that an abundance of these berries forecasts a long, cold winter, as birds will need a lot of sustenance to survive. According to another old wisdom, trees can’t carry two heavy burdens in one year – ie. a lot of berries means no heavy snow in winter. Who knows!

Weather forecasts aside, I just love these deep, warm autumn colours – maybe because I was born in this season.


#239 bundling up

239/365 bundling up, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Only +10 degrees Celcius in the morning sure feels cold after a two-month heatwave. Frantic rummaging through the bottoms of drawers and cupboards for stored woolly scarves, jackets, and socks is an everyday activity now. Summer is but a memory after 3 weeks of school.

I love the pattern and texture of this crocheted scarf. The Daily Shoot assignment made me remember it_

Make a photograph of something metallic today. Put the emphasis on texture and light.


#238 pretty in pink

238/365 pretty in pink, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I was trying to create some soft light pictures for the Daily Shoot today:

Make a photograph with soft light today. Try to almost totally eliminate shadows on your subject.

I noticed that soft light suits flowers quite well. It was fun playing with a white umbrella on our balcony to try and soften the light on a cloudy evening.

I really like the Finnish tradition of bringing some flowers when visiting friends. This pink pot plant was given to me by a dear friend back at the beginning of May! And it is still in full bloom on the balcony . It has been bringing us joy and beauty all through the hot summer. Thank you Heli!


#237 head in the clouds

237/365 head in the clouds, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

From down in the dumps yesterday, into a light, dreamy feeling today. What a difference the weather makes! Sometimes I feel I’m particularly susceptible to changes in the weather, or maybe it’s just me, and nothing whatsoever to do with the elements.

The clouds tonight formed beautiful, canvas-like formations, colours and lines in the sky. I stood on the balcony for ages watching them slowly shift and transform themselves. It was a really calming moment.


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