#227 working late again

227/365 working late again, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I have a bad habit of working too late in the evenings. Somehow I just can’t get started early enough. Too much coffee, and some tired frustration has become part of my evening routine.

Tonight, I made use of the late hour to try another ‘hard light’ picture. Just the one reading light on, in a dark room, created quite dramatic shadows.

Daylight tomorrow morning will be really hard for me. The alarm will sound far too early for my mind and body, which haven’t got out of the laissez-faire summer holiday routine yet.


1 Response to “#227 working late again”

  1. August 16, 2010 at 22:29

    This captures your late night school preparations so very well 🙂

    I especially liked the shadow from your glasses!

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