#230 history on the wall

230/365 history on the wall, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A picture inspired by Daily Shoot again:

Go meta and make a photo of a photo today. Don’t just be a copy machine, however. Get creative with composition.

History teachers have put photographs of all the Finnish presidents on the wall of one classroom. I doubt whether many of our students could name many of them – even I’m not quite sure about the older ones (and we are only talking about a short independent history of just under one century!) But these two I know well. Especially the one on the left. The longest serving Finnish president, Urho Kekkonen, or better known as UKK. He was the president all through my childhood and youth – for 25 years!

Back in those days, everything seemed to be slower and more permanent. What a contrast to the constant change of today! Also the president’s office has since been shortened to two six-year terms max. I like the way the fluorescent lights are reflected on the glass. It’s like shedding new light, and adding a modern touch on the stiff portraits of these long-gone heads of state.

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