#235 colour on my plate

235/365 colour on my plate, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I seem to be taking a lot of food pictures these days. It must be because the back-to-school routine has also reminded me of other routines – in particular, forgetting the many indulgences of summer holiday.

Daily Shoot made me think of the five fruit and veg a day.

Today’s number is 5. Make a photo that illustrates the number in some way, either literally or abstractly.

My rule of thumb is to aim at having all the five colours of fruit and veg a day – the obvious red, green and yellow/orange, as well as the rarer blue/purple and white. This will ensure a healthy intake of the vitamins, minerals, fibers, flavonoids and antioxidants my body needs. Not only is it healthy, but seeing all the colours also works as a mood booster.

3 Responses to “#235 colour on my plate”

  1. August 29, 2010 at 08:41

    well done 🙂 LOVE this 🙂

    It’s so creative the way you have arranged the fruit and veg … and I hear what you say about eating all the colours and it feeding our minds as well giving us vitamins, minerals and that oh so important fibre!

  2. 2 Susan van Gelder
    August 29, 2010 at 23:11

    I tried to leave a comment a couple of times – Once more try. This is a nice photo – artfully arranged with the colours filling the frame. Nice take on the theme.

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