#241 day-trip to Helsinki

241/365 day-trip to Helsinki, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

An old friend from Cyprus contacted me that she was visiting Helsinki and that she would like to meet. Good reason to travel to the capital for a day. Busy day showing my friend and her colleagues some sights, but little time to think about photographs. Guiding foreign visitors always makes you think about your own country in a different light, and notice little details that you wouldn’t otherwise, doesn’t it? For example I hadn’t really looked at the Helsinki skyline from this angle before – high up the hill of the Russian cathedral towards the white Lutheran cathedral.

The Daily Shoot assignment was on mind, though:

Make a photograph of something cold today. Ice cubes, frosty beverages, or the freezer aisle at the grocery store.

A biting, cold wind was blowing from the sea all day, and even the sky looked very cold, I thought. I could almost imagine snow coming down from the dark clouds soon! Luckily, it’s not quite that cold yet!

4 Responses to “#241 day-trip to Helsinki”

  1. August 30, 2010 at 22:51

    I love seeing Finland through friends’-who-have-never-been-here-before-eyes. We were just talking about that today … isn’t it cold right now though. Brrrr

  2. 3 Susan van Gelder
    September 5, 2010 at 15:19

    Things always look different when you start to see through someone else’s eyes – that’s part of the fun of visitors. I spent a day in Helsinki (not enough) and went into the Lutheran Cathedral. But it was the Temppeliaukio Church that really impressed me. You’ve sent me back to my photographs from the trip and I’m travelling again in my mind.

    • 4 sinikka
      September 5, 2010 at 16:14

      Nice to hear that this picture brought back travel memories, Susan. The Temppeliaukio Church is my absolute favourite in Helsinki. You should hear a concert there one day – the acoustics are wonderful, too.

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