#275 visit in the colourful house

My eyes were on colours today, thank to Daily Shoot:

Make a photograph that plays two complementary colors off of each other today.

We were invited to a multicultural party at our Mexican-Polish friends’ house in the evening. They said, when people ask for their address, they only need to give the street name and add “you can’t miss us”. It’s really true! Their colour scheme sure stands out from the more conservative Finnish styles around, and can be spotted from afar.

I love the fact that more immigrants keep coming to our country. For me, different approaches add colour and vitality into the culture, and complement the old and ordinary. Sadly, some people see difference as a threat, which easily leads to dissapproval, criticism, and even fear.

1 Response to “#275 visit in the colourful house”

  1. 1 Susan van Gelder
    October 3, 2010 at 19:10

    Montreal has people from many cultures. Certain neighbourhoods tend to have more of one ethnic group clustered. The Italian neighbourhoods have wonderful gardens, the Portuguese seem to enjoy the vibrant colours trimming their houses… Each group adds to the colour of the city and to the plethora of wonderful restaurants. I love the statement your friends are making with their choice of paint.

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