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#290 book shopping

290/365 book shopping, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A friend recommended a new book for me, and as it’s about India – where I’m going for the second time in a month’s time – I wanted to get it straight away. Especially as I just started a one-week autumn break from school, which means some time for JUST FOR ME.

The book store had a promotion for children, with posters and balloons. It looked really cheerful against the otherwise quite colourless architechture. I purposely shot upwards to avoid all the colourful books further down, which would have distracted the eye from the balloons. I love colour!

What I bought can be seen here. It’s a whodunnit, and the beginning is very promising. Will probably be a page turner for me. I can even stay up all night reading it, as there is no school tomorrow. What luxury!


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