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#296 unavoidable plastic

296/365 unavoidable plastic, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Daily Shoot inspired my 365 photo once again:

Plastic is everywhere. Make a photograph that illustrates a use of plastic in your life today.

Plastic is so ubiquitous these days that you just can’t avoid it. Sometimes I fear that, with the plasticky taste of a lot of processed food, our internal organs are covered in it, too!

The archipelago fishmarket is held again along the riverside this weekend. I was surprised to still find fresh lingonberries there, so decided to buy some to go into the freezer at home. They are a most healthy berry, full of vitamins and antioxidants. Their sour taste goes well with game or meat dishes, and they make lovely pies, too.

As usual, my berries got packed in plastic bags. Actually TWO, probably to prevent any nasty, red leaks into my bag. To be genuinely environmentally-friendly, of course, I should have had my own container with me, to avoid wasting the plastic bags. My excuse today was that this was an unplanned purchase. How often do we anticipate these things, though? Shopping anywhere, at any time, all you see is people obliviously using dozens and hundreds and millions of plastic bags. Poor environment!


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