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#297 squash collection

297/365 squash collection, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s the last day of the autumn break – back to school tomorrow. So, today out came the course books and papers again. Never ending! Inspiration eluded me all day – maybe partly because fo the miserably grey weather.

Luckily, my husband ventured out to the riverside market again today, despite the rain, and got back with a bag full of squashes of different colours and shapes. They make a nice centrepiece on the dining table – and provided the topic for my photo.


#296 unavoidable plastic

296/365 unavoidable plastic, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Daily Shoot inspired my 365 photo once again:

Plastic is everywhere. Make a photograph that illustrates a use of plastic in your life today.

Plastic is so ubiquitous these days that you just can’t avoid it. Sometimes I fear that, with the plasticky taste of a lot of processed food, our internal organs are covered in it, too!

The archipelago fishmarket is held again along the riverside this weekend. I was surprised to still find fresh lingonberries there, so decided to buy some to go into the freezer at home. They are a most healthy berry, full of vitamins and antioxidants. Their sour taste goes well with game or meat dishes, and they make lovely pies, too.

As usual, my berries got packed in plastic bags. Actually TWO, probably to prevent any nasty, red leaks into my bag. To be genuinely environmentally-friendly, of course, I should have had my own container with me, to avoid wasting the plastic bags. My excuse today was that this was an unplanned purchase. How often do we anticipate these things, though? Shopping anywhere, at any time, all you see is people obliviously using dozens and hundreds and millions of plastic bags. Poor environment!


#295 around the fire

295/365 around the fire, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A biting northerly wind has brought winter in the air. What nicer way to forget the cold and misery of the weather than invite some friends over, and spend the night around a warming fire with chat and some goodies to eat!

The crackle of the fire has a natural calming effect. It is also very inspirational, with its power and constantly changing form. No wonder, people all through the ages have gathered around different types of fires, to exchange stories and experiences. Staring at a fire is good for the soul of busy modern people, who are too glued to screens all the time.


#294 driving in the moonlight

294/365 driving in the moonlight, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Autumn break allowed me to drive to the countryside, to visit realtives in my childhood village. Always nice to go down memory lane there.

On the way back, the sun set and suddenly the full moon came in sight. The packed bales of hay in the field looked a bit like full moons themselves. By 6.30 pm it was already almost pitch black!


#293 raindrops keep falling on my head

Tried to find some beauty on a grey, dreary October day, and sure enough, there were lovely raindrops on every leaf and branch. I just couldn’t leave my umbrella for too long!

I don’t mind rainy autumn days actually. It is nice and cosy to light candles , and just be in the warmth of your home. Sometimes darkness provides a good protective shield against the outside world, and your own reduced existence gives comfort and strength.


#292 lokakuu – ‘mud month’

October 19th. I had to wait till almost the end of the month to get an appropriate picture for the tenth lesson of Finnish month names!

October for us is LOKAKUU.
loka = mud
kuu = month (actually ‘moon’, since a month would be ‘kuukausi’, literally ‘moon period’)

This month name is very much to do with the weather and road conditions. ‘Loka’ is not just any type of mud, e.g. not mud in the fields, or in your garden (which would be ‘muta’ in Finnish!), but mud on the roads, against which you need ‘ lokasuojat’ (= mudguards) in your car (NB. NOT ‘mutasuojat’!).

It’s not a nice name for a month, as it implies lots of rain, nasty puddles everywhere, and dirty water spraying around from passing cars. You’d better watch out where you walk this time of the year, No point in washing your car either, since the next day it will look the same again. Then again, this year, luckily, October didn’t live up to its name. We have enjoyed over two weeks of gorgeous sunny days and beautiful autumn colours.


#291 last of the autumn colours

The Daily Shoot challenge took me for an afternoon walk in one of our parks.

Make a photograph of a curved line or spherical surface today.

Lots of curved lines everywhere – even in this picture! Today was probably a good day to catch the last of the autumn colours. Most of the leaves are already on the ground, but some trees, like this big one, still hold on. The yellows and oranges really shine in the sunlight. I thoroughly enjoyed the feast of colour, despite the cold northerly wind.

For me, colours are very therapeutic. I am stocking up for the coming winter.


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