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#334 some light into the darkness

Creating some Christmas decorations on our balcony out of old bits and pieces. The main thing is to have some lights to brighten up the long spells of darkness.


#333 snowflakes

333/365 snowflakes, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A short spell of sunlight in the afternoon enabled me to catch some fresh snowflakes on a pine branch. It’s not often that we manage to see the actual lovely shape of them, but this morning fresh white snow fell down and settled beautifully everywhere.

Instead of complaining about my least favourite season, it’s good to consciously make an effort to see its beauty.


#332 first advent

332/365 first advent, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The count-down for Christmas began today. It’s the first advent. For us, advent (from Latin meaning ‘coming’) time starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day.

The tradition in my family is to get out our old, battered wooden candle stick, for four candles. One candle is lit on the first advent Sunday, two on the second and so on. Our neighbours also put their Christmas lights up today – that’s the bokeh in the background.


#331 defeated

331/365 defeated, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Stayed in all day. Just can’t get the feel of the snow and winter. Just want to escape it for the time being, make a burrow inside the home, and not even look out.

Delayed travel fatigue perhaps, after a hectic working week. So thankful for the weekend!


#330 community art project progresses

330/365 community art project progresses, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I wrote about the community art project in our school earlier, and here is the first finished and covered pillar in the hallway. It really adds warmth and character to our school, especially as both students and teachers have participated in the knitting of the pieces.


#329 almost frozen

329/365 almost frozen, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Arctic weather has hit us suddenly. Quite early this year. The river already has a thin film of sleet on it, and no doubt will be frozen very soon.

A quietness has landed over us with the snow and ice. Warmly bundled up people hurry strictly from A to B, without much looking around. Life has turned inwards, inside the warmth of our homes.


#328 colourless again

328/365 colourless again, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I’ve photographed this scene through our side window in different seasons all through the year. After many colourful shots, now it’s back to this colourless stage again.

A slight blizzard blowing all day, bringing more and more snow. Temperature around -10 Celcius. To think that it will be this for the next 6 months makes me shiver!

Here is the whole set of my window shots.