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059/2011 souvenirs

059/2011 souvenirs, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I like bringing back fortune cookies from London’s Chinatown. I shared some with students at school today – something new for them, and the reading the fortunes and thinking about their meanings made a nice change in the English class.

My one said: “You will be in a very good mood tomorrow.” Let’s hope so!


058/2011 shadow play on the wall

058/2011 shadow play on the wall, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Days are getting longer and longer – from both ends. The afternoon sun created these changing shadow patterns on the wall. The warm light is really soothing.


057/2011 layers

057/2011 layers, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Not the prettiest sight, but quite interesting textured layers of white and grey, dirty snow, with clear blue sky on top. A promise of spring, anyway!


056/2011 transport

056/2011 transport, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Every 15 minutes, clean, non-stop, efficient trains carry passengers between central London and Gatwick airport. Not having a car when travelling forces one to think about the different options of transport. I was pleased to see the many greener alternatives available in London, in fact many more than in my home town.

First of all, there is the congestion charge – effective since 2003 – which stops many motorists driving into central London, and has really made a difference in the horrendous traffic. This time round, I noticed these new electric hybrid double-deckers, which must be more environmentally-friendly, judging by the text on the side.

Another new initiave were these Barclay’s bikes that you could hire in many places in the centre.

We did most of our exploring on foot, but now it’s time to say good-bye to London once again – till we next meet again.


055/2011 a hint of green

055/2011 a hint of green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

How lucky I am! I will have the chance to enjoy this precious time twice this year! There is something magical about the first faint touch of green on the deciduous trees. It’s the titillating anticipation of rebirth that I love about this time of year.

I enjoy personifying plants and trees, and keep imagining all kinds of shapes and creatures in them. This tree took the shape of an old hag, with crazy green hair, flailing multiple arms about 🙂


054/2011 advance peek into spring!

Rainy day in London, but how lovely to see LIVING flowers everywhere! It’s amazing that spring is so far ahead in England even though it’s not that far further south from Finland.

These pansies and cyclamens were in boxes outside our hotel. Seeing all these colours around for a few days will make it easier to put up with yet another wintry month at home!


053/2011 airports

053/2011 airports, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Back to travelling. Arriving at London Gatwick late at night, I had a feeling of being enveloped in a slightly futuristic ambience, while waiting for the airport shuttle. The metallic surroundings, lights and colours of airports often have this effect on me.