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083/2011 reappearance

083/2011 reappearance, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s about 3 months since we last had a glimpse of this watering can. In the meantime, it has been totally covered with a thick layer of snow, as you can see in this picture taken on New Year’s Eve:

Will spring arrive at last?


082/2011 bon appétit!

082/2011 bon appétit!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Local language teachers met in a charming little French café. The owner is an ex-journalist from Paris, and he gave us good tips on the best places to visit there. He has also got a nice selection of French gourmet specialities for sale.


081/2011 grass!

081/2011 grass!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

No more iceskating in this rink this winter. Finally, the most welcome sight – some grass in the middle of thawing snow and ice!


080/2011 paper cranes for japan

080/2011 paper cranes for japan, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The power of social media in action again! I learned about an initiative called Students Rebuild through twitter, and so set one of my English groups folding paper cranes to be sent with a wish, to collect some aid funds for Japan.

We didn’t have proper origami paper, naturally, but it was heartwarming to see even some of the clumsy 17-year-old boys making an effort with our coloured copy paper sheets. The message they worked out was: Our thoughts are with you, and we wish you strength to carry on!


079/2011 on the sunny side

079/2011 on the sunny side, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Brilliant sunshine today, really lovely. Streams of melting snow and the welcome drip, drip sounds all around. The sun is really strong now, and quickly makes the snow disapper from the sunny sides of roofs.

This bright blue and white scene really appealed to me along my afternoon walk. The remaining snow on the shade side of the roof looks like a sheet of styrofoam.


078/2011 growing herbs

078/2011 growing herbs, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our herbs often sold as little plants growing in tiny plastic pots. It’s seldom that we use the whole lot at once, so my husband usually replants them into a bigger pot. Sometimes we are lucky, like with this lemon balm. Not only does it bring the welcome greenery into our kitchen but it also provides its scent and lovely hint of minty lemon into many dishes.


077/2011 culture bus

077/2011 culture bus, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Muddy times, as you can see!

The European Culture Capital year is seen in many different ways in our cityscape. One good marketing strategy is to use public transport as mobile billboards. There are a number of different painting on our town buses. This is one of my favourites – a spiky-haired punk blowing ‘culture’ bubbles, colourful circles being the symbol of our special cultural year.


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