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120/2011 precious lime green

120/2011 precious lime green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The fleeting few days of lime green, before the leaves grow and turn darker, creating an evenly coloured landscape. Precious days of wonder!


119/2011 the royal wedding

119/2011 the royal wedding, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A nice afternoon with lady friends, watching the grand ceremony in London, with pink bubbly, English tea and other goodies.

Let’s hope, the new bride will have a brighter and happier future than her late mother-in-law!


118/2011 growing cress

118/2011 growing cress, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I got tempted to buy a set of tiny little pots, and packets of seeds to grow my own cress in only 7 days. Well done, Jamie Oliver with his marketing team, for selling them in gardening shops exactly at the right moment!


117/2011 stairs of knowledge

117/2011 stairs of knowledge, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Attending a further training course at the university of Helsinki. Typical modern campus with square building, and straight lines and lots of glass walls. And the inevitable stairs to climb up, symbolically towards more and more knowledge and understanding.


116/2011 falling sun

116/2011 falling sun, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Striking sunset tonight. The sun like a fireball falling through the blanket of clouds, colouring the sky in warm hues of orange, red and brown.

Somehow the scene looks religious, or a rather stereotypical romantic backdrop to type a twee poem on. Yet, it was what I witnessed with my own eyes, very real, and captivating. A good ending for a good day.

And best of all – this picture was taken at 8.30 pm, and the sun was still quite high – the clouds misleadingly look like the horizon.


115/2011 anticipation

115/2011 anticipation, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After a long colourless period, strong spring colours attract the eye. The sepia of the trees against the dark turquoise sky, for example. Great anticipation of the burst of green leaves lingers in the air.


114/2011 green!

114/2011 green!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The first tiny buds have appeared on a spiraea bush in the corner of our garden. A miracle every year! I could sit out on the patio for ages, just breathing in the rapidly advancing spring with all my senses.

It’s as though new life has been patiently waiting for the conducive enough circumstances all through winter, to suddenly get triggered into amazingly fast growth. I wish I could provide the right environment and push for my students’ learning more often! Especially this time of the year, only a month of the school year left, there are many wilted plants in the classrooms – teachers included.


113/2011 woods in bloom

113/2011 woods in bloom, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It is definitely spring when we see the first blue anemones in the wood behind our house. Their blue-violet blooms, and distinctly shaped, thick leathery green leaves make a most welcome sight amidst the dry brown leaves from the previous autumn.

How I love spring!


112/2011 spring floods

112/2011 spring floods, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We don’t normally have huge big floods in our part of the country but, after so much snow in the past winter, there has been some flooding here and there.

In this little wood of birch trees, the flood by the roadside created quite a mysterious landscape.


111/2011 hot tub

111/2011 hot tub, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Hot tubs are quite a new trend over here in our sauna nation. Our friends built one in their garden, and we spent a lovely, relaxing beginning of the Easter holiday in it, chatting and looking at the stars after it got dark. It requires a skill to heat the tub up to the exact right temperature. But once you succeed, it’s heavenly!


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