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151/2011 end of may

151/2011 end of may, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our national flower, the lily of the valley, “kielo” in Finnish. Thousands of blooms are now opening in the forest behind our house. A good end to my “flowery” May, since out of the 31 May photos, 16 featured different flowers. Shows what I’ve been missing!

Another picture that could do with the “scratch and smell” feature. The scent in the forest is intoxicating! I don’t care to pick any to put in a vase, since they tend to be very short-lived, and actually I find the scent too overpowering indoors.


150/2011 happy

150/2011 happy, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Such a sense of accomplishment – I am finally up-to-date with my daily photos again! Pheww! I want to celebrate this great feeling with these bright and happy yellow flowers from our garden (doronicum orientale – leopard’s bane in English, the net tells me).

I hope to find a way of convincing my quitting students of the value of persevering, despite inevitable hard times, delays and problems.


149/2011 a closer look

149/2011 a closer look, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

‘Bergenia crassifolia’ – wikipedia tells me is called either pigsqueak or elephant’s ears in English. First time I hear these names! I had a hard time even remembering the Finnish name – ‘vuorenkilpi’ (shield of a mountain). It’s a hardy, reliable perennial, lining the side of our yard. Most of the year, only the big, leathery leaves are visible. In fact, usually the leaves are green as soon as the snow first melts. It is only for a short time in spring that we see the rhubarb like stems with these flowers.

I don’t normally pay much attention to these flowers but somehow today, after the rain, the colour stood out amidst all the dark green. On a closer look, the clustered little pink blooms are very pretty. I’m sure to remember the name from now on!


148/2011 can you smell it?

148/2011 can you smell it?, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Mint is going wild in our garden. We once planted a few stems, and they just keep multiplying and taking up more space every summer. We don’t mind really, as we love the smell! You only need to slightly touch the leaves, and the fresh, toothpasty smell fills the air. Lots of mojito nights ahead, I think 🙂

I wonder when they will develop digital smell sensations. Extensive audio and visual features already exist – surely it’s only a matter of time? I remember they already had ‘scratch and smell’ history books in the US when we spent a year there back in the middle 90s! Then again, imagination is a powerful tool, too – pictures often evoke strong smells in my mind, just as smells bring back subconscious memories. What a blessing all our senses are!


147/2011 forget me not

147/2011 forget me not, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

In Finnish this delicate little flower is called “my darling or my favourite pet”. I like the English name, too. No flamboyance or fiery emotions, just a sincere wish, quietly uttered. The shape of the pale, pastel blue, tiny blooms is a bit like the archetype of a flower that a child would first draw. But they are still lovely in all their modesty, certainly not to be ignored, but to be enjoyed for their sweet, innocent charm in the corner of the garden.


146/2011 tulipa aboa

146/2011 tulipa aboa, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A special tulip was developed in Holland, to celebrate the European Culture Capital year of our town. Thousands of them have been planted around town. I came across these by the riverside tonight, a bit past their prime already. The colour was supposed to be orange but these look more red to me. Still nice.


145/2011 nature’s wonders

145/2011 nature’s wonders, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It only took a few warm days for the the crab apple buds to start opening. Out of pink buds, tiny white flowers. The annual cycle is a delight, every single time.


144/2011 sprouting vine

144/2011 sprouting vine, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our bare balcony is finally getting its summer greenery, with the vine sprouting vigorously in every possible direction. It need to be tamed a bit every year – otherwise it will totally take over. Green growth everywhere you look!


143/2011 buds

143/2011 buds, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A crab apple tree is ready to bloom, with beautiful pink buds waiting to open any minute. This is down the road from our house, and produces tiny little apple like fruit in the autumn, which just stay on the tree, rotting away. I don’t know if they could be used for anything. Probably far too sour – never tried one!


142/2011 layers of green

142/2011 layers of green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

How the low evening light changes the scenery, making one section of the hedge almost golden yellow. Spring is a real feast to our eyes and senses.


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